In business, everything hinges on change. And change leadership.

Organizational Change Advisors:
Helping People Change. Helping Business Change.

Many leaders mistakenly believe that they can create the change they desire by simply changing policy. In reality, change happens through people, not edicts. Your people are your organization. If your organization needs to change, your employees are the only avenue to bring that change about.

Is your change leadership hitting business performance goals?
If not, perhaps the approach is the problem.

Using our data-driven approach, OCAdvisors gathers and analyzes all of the relevant information before arriving at the best course of action for your particular set of circumstances. We use a combination of in-person (i.e., interview and focus group) and online tools (i.e., employee assessments) to assess individuals, teams, leadership, and the organization over a spectrum of areas.

Employee assessment helps put the right people in the right roles. Other assessment results form the basis for drawing up specific development plans from the individual to the organizational level. In addition, assessment results direct executive business coaching outcomes and guide facilitation of team development for both intact and cross-functional teams.

As a rare combination of HR and business smarts, OCAdvisors is uniquely positioned to help you plan for and implement change leadership best practices.

We offer the following services to help your people and your company effectively navigate the choppy seas of change.


Be Yourself, but Carefully
Leadership effectiveness begins with self-awareness.

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