The Challenge
A financial institution determined that identifying, mentoring, and developing high-potential leaders was essential to the institution’s growth. But those were not in-house capabilities.

Man instructing other business people


To support its growth strategy, the company hired OCAdvisors to assist them with consulting and design to develop a formal leadership curriculum and mentoring program.

For this engagement, OCAdvisors provided:

  • Guidance on program design
  • Guidance on candidate selection process
  • Guidance on mentorship program development including
    • Process and preparation of candidates and mentors
    • Implementation and practice
    • Curriculum design and facilitation
  • Access and recommendations to external options
  • Coordination and facilitation of action learning process
  • General program advising

Stakeholders were interviewed, content was identified, and the training was built to meet leadership competency objectives. Graduates get promotions and placed on special company-wide assignments, and overall leadership quality is up. The training has been so successful that OCAdvisors has been facilitating the training for almost a decade.