Are great leaders born or made? Doesn't matter.
To become great, leaders need training and leadership development.

With the right custom training and development opportunities, all of your employees can outperform the competition. Once assessment results are in, OCAdvisors identifies performance strengths and gaps, then prioritizes specific training and development needs. Outcomes may indicate needs for employee development, leadership development, sales force development, or a combination approach. We achieve maximum impact with minimum disruption and expense by carefully targeting training outcomes to match business goals.

Need more great leaders?
We can help with that.

Starting with individual employee development, our custom training creates top-performing employees. If sales are lagging, we assess the situation and step in with necessary sales force development along with sales leadership training to more effectively direct and reinforce the sales team. To rectify any deficits, add custom leadership development into the mix and you have great leaders and a yellow brick road to effective succession planning.

Our custom offerings include:

Individual Employee Development

  • Custom employee development programs such as personal communication style, influencing skills, conflict management, navigating corporate politics, mentoring, and career development
  • Individual coaching with competency development
  • Communication and presentation training

Leadership Development

  • Reshape leadership competencies
  • Leadership competency modeling
  • Custom leadership program design and implementation
  • Mentoring program development
  • Leadership audiences include supervisors, mid-level managers, and executive leaders

Sales Force Development

  • Custom competency design for sales and sales leadership
  • Custom process design and implementation for sales and sales leadership
  • Custom development programs for sales and sales leadership