Team not functioning like a well-oiled machine?
For better business results, support team motivation and team collaboration.

It's hard to work cooperatively with others. There's a reason for this—or as many reasons as there are team members. Just for starters, team collaboration is:

  • Not innate. (It is learned behavior.)
  • Not measured.
  • Not evaluated.
  • Rarely done in daily work.
  • Assumed to be happening, but not monitored.
  • Seldom reinforced.

It's not hard to understand why team motivation can flag in the face of this opposition. And we haven't even touched on personalities! Still, the fact remains that you get better results when people collaborate. And 'people' has to include the boss. Although the boss and team members may be subject matter experts, they might be missing soft skills or other 'human' expertise that helps negotiate the maze of cooperation.

How are team leadership skills developed?
Team leadership skills create stronger teams and forge stronger leaders.

Unclear expectations commonly undermine team motivation. For the most effective team collaboration, it's important to demonstrate team leadership skills by identifying and clarifying team building elements such as:

  • What are the roles?
  • What is the distribution of power?
  • What are the relationships between team members?
  • What are the communication patterns?
  • How much coordination is needed?
  • How are decisions made? Conflicts managed?

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  • Work team assessment and planning
  • Work team process improvement
  • Work team competency development
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