Scott Otto
Founder/Partner OCAdvisors

Before OCAdvisors, Scott Otto spent more than twenty years honing his skills as a business line executive. After proving himself a sales leader in financial portfolio sales, Scott went on to build and lead a 10-person Regional Sales team, as well as manage a direct sales budget for revenue growth of $8 million. Evidently, Scott found his niche because when he was promoted to National Sales Manager, he led five regional sales managers, a 35-member corporate sales team, and managed direct sales revenue growth of $150 million.

In his role as Senior Vice President and General Manager, Scott had Sales, Account Relationship Management, Operations, Finance, and Marketing all reporting to him. He also managed P&L and operating income contribution from five business units (Housing Finance, Student Loan Finance, Healthcare Finance, General Obligation Infrastructure Finance, and Master Trust and Custody) representing $400 million in sales revenue. In his spare time, he grew service locations from two to twelve, acquired two companies, and created succession plans for the growth and viability of key leaders. All while satisfying shareholding expectations and creating 10 percent shareholder return year-over-year.

Scott wields some pretty powerful influence. The behaviors he models in his structured sales approach enable Scott to meet and zoom beyond target goals. Scott's sales and sales leadership skill set combined with his general manager perspective create laser focus on the bottom line: all roads (read multi-faceted growth strategies) lead to business results. Especially in the face of large-scale organizational change.

To achieve business results, Scott partners with HR specialists to develop people programs that support business strategies. A team approach is often a critical component. And Scott has deep experience working with intact teams as well as cross-functional teams. He has also built teams around competency requirements to collaborate on corporate growth, expansion, and acquisition. Scott's work also includes designing sales processes, talent management programs, and compensation structures, and he serves as executive coach for senior sales managers and sales executives.

Work History

  • Learning Development and Sales Force Effectiveness Partner and Practice Leader — Organizational Concepts International
  • Head of Practice Development for Human Capital Consulting Practice — Deloitte &Touche
  • Director of Distributor Sales — Wilson Learning
  • Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Institutional Public Finance Division — Wells Fargo Corporation
  • National Sales Manager, Institutional Public Finance — Wells Fargo Corporation
  • Regional Sales Manager, Institutional Public Finance — Wells Fargo Corporation
  • Regional Sales Representative, Mortgage Capital Group — Bear Stearns and Co., Inc.