The Challenge
Stalled by personality clashes, an intact team was barely communicating let alone collaborating. Then a new role was added to the team and tensions grew worse.

Intact team standoff

The lack of clarity on how to work with the new role coupled with a lack of dialogue led team members to operate on assumptions. The assumptions were wrong, team members focused their efforts on the wrong priorities, and productivity dropped.

The Solution

To begin, OCAdvisors worked with the team manager to create assessment interview questions in an attempt to validate issues. Next, all team members were interviewed to gather their feedback. After compiling and reviewing feedback, OCAdvisors designed a one-day team building workshop to address identified issues.

As part of the workshop, team members completed Myers-Briggs personal style assessments. The results uncovered potentially conflicting personal styles along with key teamwork issues. Team members collaborated to create action plans to solve problems.

With awareness created around the new role on the team, no one needed to work from assumptions.They also created clarity around team role expectations, revised their communication processes, and defined awareness on how key decisions were to be made.

Since the training, the team is more functional and the team members much happier.