The Challenge
A high-level employee at a global organization was asked to prepare to take on a significant promotion. He knew he needed to develop certain leadership skills, but where to start?

Executive jumping crevise

The Solution

The CEO and head of HR brought OCAdvisors partner Pat Caldie in to help determine exactly that: where to start.

  • First, Pat met with the high-level employee and his boss to identify key developmental objectives.
  • Next, Pat customized interview questions to get feedback against identified developmental objectives.
  • Then, he conducted live 360 evaluations with organization executives to identify the high-level employee's leadership and executive strengths and weaknesses.

Pat compiled all of the results from the 360 performance reviews and consulted with the high-level employee to develop a list of leadership and executive goals.

Over the course of a year, Pat met with the high-level employee on a monthly basis to gauge progress toward goals and, when necessary, change course. Pat also shared communication and presentation skills to help further improve leadership capabilities.

At the end of the year, Pat conducted a second round of interviews using a 360 feedback tool and targeted interview process.