What kind of impact are you making?
Get the executive leadership coaching you need to make the impact you want.

Often, leaders are not aware of how they come across. And it's understandable. Their superiors may not be informed of what's going on at other levels, and their direct reports may be afraid to speak truth to power. Because of this disconnect in the communication loop, many leaders don't know the difference between their intent and their impact. We have proven methods of discovering exactly the kind of impact you or your employees are making. One of the tools instrumental in assessing performance impact is our 360 evaluation.

Based on anonymous direct feedback from subordinates, peers, supervisors, customers, suppliers, etc., we establish action plans to help you create the impact you want. When you know better, you can do better. And quite frankly, it's better to know.

Have a valuable employee to prepare for higher office?
External executive business coaching: From individual contributor to C-suite.

To be effective, executive coaches must work from gathered facts and direct observations. They must also guard confidentiality to protect privacy and sometimes, fragile relationships. The skills involved in executive business coaching aren't instinctive. They are learned and refined through repeated experience and analysis. We have deep experience coaching business leaders in a broad range of organizations, functions, and levels.

Especially where business leaders are involved, external executive coaches are often preferable because the politics are removed. Internal executive business coaching can have mixed results because work history and relationships can interfere with outcomes. For greatest objectivity, effectiveness, and confidentiality, external executive leadership coaching is the perfect option.