The Challenge
A virtual wall between sales and service hindered communication between functions and opened the door for errors.

Lack of communication

A crop insurance company struggled with workflow bottlenecks due to the nature of insurance claim processing compounded by an inefficient organizational structure. As a result:

  • Claims took too long to process and pay
  • Payments were not always accurate
  • Policyholders were not happy
  • The customer base began eroding
  • Employees became cranky

Insurance policies follow a prescribed path: First, each policy is created in underwriting. While premiums are being determined, employees in claims may be sitting idle as underwriters work overtime. Then, when a covered event depletes a harvest and claims pour in, the underwriters are idle as the people in claims work frantically to pay claims.

The Solution

After focus groups and interviews validated these issues, OCAdvisors gathered input to understand:

  • Senior management's strategic objectives
  • The effects of challenges on the business and customers
  • How to better meet the needs of customers, the business, and employees

Based on supportive data and a comprehensive understanding, OCAdvisors proposed an alternative organizational structure that reorganized policy sales, service, underwriting, and claims. Assessment results enabled OCAdvisors to completely realign talent to serve business objectives.

Although underwriting is considered a science and claims adjustment an art, there's nothing to prevent one person from fulfilling both roles. So OCAdvisors built in cross-functional training to allow underwriters and claims adjusters to step in when necessary and do whatever is required to underwrite policies and process claims quickly and accurately.