Sample Assessment Reports

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CheckPoint 360°™ Assessment

The CheckPoint 360° assessment is a process used to help managers become more effective. Managers receive feedback from the full circle of people with whom they interact. The reports explain how to improve training, management techniques, and communication for greater success.

Profile XT™ Assessment

The Profile XT is a multipurpose “Total Person” assessment used for selection, development, training, promotion, managing, and succession planning. Researched and developed to be job related, this is the tool that provides insights for effective human capital resolutions.

Team Performance Assessment

Crucial for intact or cross-functional team success (including any group of people who must work collaboratively), Team Performance Assessments are diagnostic tools that establish the degree to which team performance and business performance align. Results point to teamwork problems that correlate with business challenges as well as effective remedies.

Organization Change Readiness Assessment

Given to all personnel affected by change, Organization Change Readiness Assessments provide an organizational barometer of how resistant people are to change that has happened or will happen. The results indicate the most effective actions to take to gain acceptance and integration of critical organizational change.


Team Performance Assessment
Organizational Change Readiness Assessment
Checkpoint 360 Assessment
Profile XT Assessment