The Challenge
Hiring practices had been pretty hit-and-miss. The overall talent of the management team members varied dramatically. As a result, collaboration and team performance suffered.

Throwing Darts Blindfolded

In a foodservice packaging giant, a managerial team's performance was noticeably missing the mark. The problem seemed to stem from a disparity among the team members' skill levels and expertise.

Upper management felt that the best way to upgrade overall talent was to add more people to the team. OCAdvisors agreed that adding more people was important, but adding the right people was critical.

The Solution

To resolve this team performance issue, OCAdvisors proposed a two-prong approach:

Prong 1: Improve management team with assessment and reorganizing

  • Using Profile XT, assess top talent in each management area. (This instrument assesses 16 cognitive and behavioral attributes. Each attribute is rated against a 10-point scale. Each report comes with coaching recommendations. See a sample report.)
  • Analyze results to identify the best target pattern for the management team.
  • Reorganize management team around identified target pattern.

Prong 2: Improve hiring practices with pre-employment assessment

  • Based on target pattern, define logistics for hiring practices.
  • Using the Profile XT, assess job candidates.
  • Hire candidates who best match the target pattern.

This approach created a functioning team, improved hiring practices, and greatly aided career and succession planning.