Are you tapping high-potential or squelching it?
Employee Assessment: Get the right people in the right roles.

Employees are your most critical corporate asset. They need to be nourished with the right opportunities and experiences to flower into the fullness of professional development. In addition to one-on-one leadership coaching and executive coaching, we offer instruments to assess individuals, teams, and organizations at large, as well as the expertise to interpret the results and create meaningful action plans. (We don't just drop off instruments and leave you to your own devices.) Assessment results enable you to harness innate potential and direct it for the greatest outcomes.

Take the right action with information collected from in-person and online:

  • Individual Employee Assessments—leadership development, talent selection, performance improvement, succession planning
  • Team Assessments—organizational culture change, team collaboration, team development
  • Organizational Assessments—organizational culture change, change leadership, change management plan

Employment assessments can make the difference between falling short of or far outreaching projected business results.

How do you know you're hiring the best candidate?
Pre-Employment Assessment: Assess first, then hire.

Sure. You can trust your gut. But your gut doesn't have quantifiable data. And your gut has been wrong before. Just like any other partnership, before you commit, you should know what you're getting into. What better way to know than with an objective assessment? Everyone takes the same pre-employment assessment but some candidates stand out from the crowd. Pre-employment assessments can help you determine who has the right mix of skills and aptitude to thrive in your specific environment.

The information uncovered from pre-employment assessments and employee assessments helps OCAdvisors direct our advisory services and make smarter hiring and organizational change decisions.