What we do.
And why it works.

Organizational Change Advisors (OCAdvisors) offers customized assessment and advisory services for organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals, especially during and after major organizational changes. We work with organizations to understand their business performance improvement objectives and diagnose the people-related change opportunities that affect business performance.

Patrick Caldie and Scott Otto co-founded OCAdvisors in November of 2002. Rather than specialize in a specific industry, we work with small and large, private and public companies in a wide variety of different industries including manufacturing, chemicals, medical supplies and equipment, and financial services.

Because every company and situation is unique, we begin by conducting a thorough assessment before building a custom course of action. We help our clients create healthier, happier, and more productive work environments that have a positive impact on their customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

Assessment, not assumptions

We take the time to listen and understand your business, goals, culture, and dynamics before diagnosing the issues and making recommendations. We never make assumptions or try to plug in a standard course of action. We do our homework. We've learned from experience that what the client says they need and what they actually need may well be two different things.

Customized to the client

Larger firms often take a one-size-fits-all approach, pushing a standard bill of goods onto clients, regardless of their situation. We take a much more customized approach that considers each client's real—not perceived—situation. Every company and situation we work with is unique, so each course of action is uniquely tailored. We will only suggest a program and plan after conducting a thorough assessment; then we modify the program and plans for the greatest impact on personnel and performance issues.

Seasoned pros who've been there

We've been in your shoes and draw from our years of corporate experience. While big firms compete on volume of talent, we compete on volume of knowledge gained from having been in the same "trenches." We bring both the HR and frontline leader's perspectives to the table. And when things change within an organization, as they always do, we can think on our feet and modify our course of action.